AuthentiCo Product Design

THE BRIEF: Everyone loves a home cooked meal, but nobody knows how to connect with great home cooks. AuthentiCo is a fictitious online marketplace that connects foodies with people who love to cook.

The goal of this project was for the team to build a business plan, a minimum viable product, and validate both the business and the product in less than 72 hours.

UX Research | UI Design | Product Design | Prototyping


While the administration side of the team worked on the business plan and go-to-market strategy, the designers and developers worked on surveying potential users. Our main goal during this phase was to see if this is a service that they would be interested in using.

User concerns uncovered during initial research, which affected the final business plan included:

  • Is the food prepared in a clean environment?
  • Who is delivering my food? Or do I need to pick it up myself?

A total of six potential users were surveyed via webcam. Approximately thirty were surveyed in-person at Whole Foods and Bed Bath & Beyond.


After the first round of identifying the customers and marketing research, we began to map the MVP.
Given the short amount of time we were working with, we determined we should only work on four screens: The homepage, a search results page, a product information page, and the checkout area.

View the homepage



Search for food



View the food item



Checkout page


Let's do business.

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